The Lure of Legalism

Fourteen Signs You Might Be Legalistic

1. You read your Bible to get a check mark rather than meet with God.
2. Your spiritual disciplines define your spirituality.
3. You refuse to forgive though you’ve been forgiven.
4. You judge others before you listen to them.
5. You justify yourself by comparing yourself to others.
6. You feel the need to out someone else’s sin publicly.
7. Your schedule is so tight it doesn’t have “if the Lord wills” in it.
8. You separate your spiritual life from your natural life.
9. You only hang out with “saved” people.
10. You love the praise of men more than the smile of God.
11. You’re more interested in conformity than conversion.
12. You make the little things big and the big things little.
13. You look for details in a confession rather than brokenness.
14. You reject the truth tellers who come into your life.

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  1. This was a turning point message for me and I suspect for many others. So relevant, God inspired, a message that needs to go out to many. We will share this message with others within our realm.

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