Morning Sermons

Beautiful Feet

Good morning again, Saylorville Church. If you brought a copy of Scripture with you this morning, you can find Ephesians chapter 6 as we continue in this chapter and this series on “The Church at War.” A good friend of mine who fought in Afghanistan was telling me some time ago that in fact he shared this around the time he got saved with us that whenever he entered into actual combat, he experienced a rush so indescribable. He just figured he would never experience that kind of rush again ever in life. And then he was presented with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He said, “I had that same rush and there is nothing more epic than being confronted with your need to know Jesus as your Savior.” And those of us who are on the front lines of proclaiming the gospel have felt that exhilaration. We know that rush. It’s a rush that many of you have never experienced. But if you will put on, if you will determine this morning to strap on your gospel shoes, you will. You will. And so let’s get back to the context, the church at war Ephesians 6 beginning in verse 10.