Update Your Group Info

Manage Your Online Group Information

Planning Center Groups is an online application that will help you manage your members, plan events, take attendance, and share resources. As a leader of a group, you’ll be able to edit and update your online group settings, as well as adjust the way your group looks to the public on the Church Center App. Continue reading to learn about the main functions of the app and for help getting started with your group.

Log In
The first time you go to log in to Groups, you might need to create a password.

Group Header
Once you log in, you’ll be directed to your online group admin page. In the page header, you’ll see your group title, the schedule, your profile picture, and the open/closed status of your group.

Members Tab
The first tab on the left of the page is the “Members” tab. This page is where you will be able to see your group roster, add/remove members, email all members and see other member contact info.

Events Tab
The Events tab shows you a calendar of upcoming events for your group, along with some quick actions you can take on each event. At the beginning of each season, please create events for each of your weekly meetings. This will allow you to report attendance or cancel events. You can request RSVPs from your members for upcoming special events.

Resources Tab
From time-to-time, our Discipleship Team will make a resource available to all group leaders (specific training documents, ebooks, etc.). Resources like this will appear on this page. We will normally use our Community Group Leader Facebook Group to distribute resources. 

Settings Tab
From the Settings tab, group leaders can modify group information such as name, schedule, location, group image, etc. It is especially important to create a detailed group description. This is where you can include information about what your group will be studying, child-care plans, group demographics, if you will be providing food, etc. . Please be sure these settings are accurate at the beginning of each season.

Reports Overview Tab
There are a variety of reports that are available to group leaders on this page. The charts and statistics will give you an overview of your group’s demographics, attendance and membership changes. As you take attendance during your events, these reports will begin to populate.

Attendance Tab
Each week you will get an email before your meeting asking you to record attendance. Check the boxes next to every member that is present. If you have not set up your group’s events in the “Events” tab, you won’t receive attendance emails. Please be sure to set up your weekly events. Recording attendance helps group leaders get an accurate picture of group members’ participation, as well as helping our Discipleship Team keep a pulse on the health and rhythms of our Saylorville Community Groups.