Missionaries (Page 3)

Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor is a missionary teacher with Resourcing Christian Education and teaches a combined class of 5th and 6th graders at Greater Lisbon Christian Academy in Ramada, Portugal. While growing up in Brazil, South America, as a missionary child, her desire for teaching and helping missionaries overseas only grew. In addition to teaching in the school,…

Cal and Joyce Voelker

Cal is the director of Greater Lisbon Christian Academy and Joyce is his administrative assistant.  GLCA is an International Christian School serving missionary families and international students.  They are also involved in Evangelistic Ministry to the Portuguese Deaf Community and are helping to plant a Deaf Church.    

Kristi Walker

Kristi knew very early that she was called to be involved in mission work, but she wasn’t sure where God wanted her to serve. In college, Kristi read a statistic that spoke directly to her heart… “Germany, at the heart of Europe, is without a heart for God. Ninety-eight percent is unreached and unsaved. The…