We offer Biblical counseling to those in our church who are committed to growing and changing in Christ. We openly admit our counsel is based on the Bible. We believe God’s Word is without error and the final authority for life and godliness. We also believe God is able to provide help and healing to a person’s deepest problems. We believe there is nothing more powerful or life-changing than the work of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit on a yielded and humble life. We love God! We love life-change! We look forward to serving and loving you!


If you are committed to meeting the expectations outlined below, we are committed to providing Biblical counseling for you. In order to make our sessions as profitable as possible, we would like you to give careful attention to the following items.

  • Carefully read the What To Expect information below. If you have any questions we can cover them at the beginning of our first session.
  • Click on the “Request Care” button at the bottom of this page. In order to request care, you will be asked to complete Consent to Counsel and Personal Data Inventory forms. Please note that these forms require thought and time.
  • After you complete and submit your forms, you’ll be instructed to click on the “My Care” tab to request counseling. In that screen, you will be asked to describe the specific problem(s) for which you desire counseling. Your request is not entered into the queue until this last step is completed.

What to expect

What we expect from those who receive Biblical counseling at Saylorville:

  • Faithfully participate in the Sunday morning worship services at Saylorville Church every week.
  • A willingness to participate in a weekly Community Group through Saylorville Church.
  • Complete all the homework assigned by your counselor each counseling session.
  • Faithfully participate in each counseling session as outlined with your counselor.
  • Be willing to, at the appropriate time, include a person or couple from your Community Group as an advocate for you in the counseling session.
  • Communicate honestly and work hard to pursue honoring God through the counseling.

What you can expect from those providing Biblical counseling at Saylorville:

  • We will show compassion and listen carefully to you.
  • We will seek to provide clear answers based on God’s Word, the Bible. In other words, this counseling is designed to help you pursue solutions, not just enable you to vent.
  • We will work with you to determine the heart issues involved.
  • We will walk along-side you to provide practical steps and encouragement for heart change, not just behavior change.
  • We will help you transition out of counseling into other strong relationships and ministries to help ensure continued growth.
  • You can expect us to lovingly challenge you on areas where your life does not match up with what the Bible teaches.
  • You can expect to have an associate observer in the session with the lead counselor for training and accountability.
  • Sessions tend to last between 75-90 minutes.

Due to the limited capacity of our counseling staff, we ask that all individuals requesting counseling through our website be either members of Saylorville Church or consistent weekly attenders of our worship services.