Jessie Miller

Jessie Miller is on the counseling team at Saylorville Church. She was raised attending church and confessed her sins to Jesus at the age of 12 after realizing that it was her sins that were separating her from God. Jessie recognized Jesus was the One who offered her the free gift of salvation. She confessed and believed as it says in Romans 10:9-10. She dedicated her life to full time Christian ministry as a junior in high school.

Jessie went to Bible college where she met her husband Abe. They were blessed to start serving at Saylorville Church with the youth in 2001, which they did for almost 10 years. They moved on to other ministries at the church and currently Jessie is serving the women of the church as a Women’s Counselor. She is passionate about seeing women know God, grow deep roots in God’s Word and be secure in their identity in Christ.

Jessie also loves to spend time with Abe and their five kids.