1. I have know Pookie since his birth as I was a very good friend of his maternal grandmother and we spent many long hours together. Pookie’s family went to church regularly, but it was on Saturday and they never celebrated Christmas and that was very difficult for his Grandma to understand and it sort of soured her on the church. I had tried to witness to her throughout our friendship but she never wanted to hear anything about God or that I was praying for her. After her death we sort of lost track of the family until Candi called me one evening to ask me if her mother had ever indicated she wanted to know Christ and it broke my heart to tell her that she had expressed to me that she didn’t want me to pray for her, so I didn’t push our conversations to include Him. Candi told me that the family was going to Saylorville and how they loved it and felt so accepted there and I was thrilled. Since hearing Pookie’s and his wife’s testimony on this website, I am overjoyed that they have come to a personal relationship with Christ and one day we will all be united with God as we answer the trumpet call and enter into His presence for eternity. God bless and use the Johnson family for His glory!!!

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