ACBC Midwest Training

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) have selected Saylorville Church as their regional site for their Counseling Seminars. The Fundamentals and Advanced tracks will be offered this year. The classes for these tracks will take place on three separate weekends (Friday evening and all day Saturday) for three consecutive months in 2017. The dates are: March 10th-11th, April 21st-22nd and May 12th-13th. Those who sign up will receive 30 hours of training from six live speakers.

It’s been said that everyone is a counselor. Most, however, are very poor or outrightly bad counselors. But those who know and love Christ and can effectively navigate through His Word become truly Godly counselors.

You can sign up directly by clicking here to go to the ACBC website.

Engage Pastors Endorse ACBC Training- Pat Nemmers from ACBC on Vimeo.


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