Easter 2014 Wallpaper

This year we’ve created some wallpaper for your smartphone, tablet, desktop and social media to get excited about Easter. Hopefully it will spark some conversation and you can invite your friends and family this year’s events. We also hope it will keep your mind on what Easter is all about and remind you what Christ did for you on the cross. Click here for more details about our Easter services.

640×1136 (iPhone 5 & 5S) ▼

640x1136 (iPhone 5 & 5S)

640×960 (iPhone 4 & 4S) ▼

640x960 (iPhone 4 & 4S)

2048×2048 (All iPads) ▼

2048x2048 (All iPads)

1920×1080 (computer) ▼

1920x1080 (computer)

1024×768 (computer) ▼

1024x768 (computer)

850×316 (Facebook Banner) ▼

850×316 (Facebook Banner)

2186×2189 (Square Instagram) ▼

2186×2189 (Square Instagram)


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