Kyhl Pearson

Kyhl was raised on three things: The Pacific Ocean, Dodger Baseball and Jesus. Despite being raised in a Christian home, attending a Bible believing church and a Christian school, he didn’t “buy in.” It wasn’t until December 2006 that Kyhl came to faith in CHRIST. Through the ministry of two guys in his freshman dorm, he verbally confessed his sins, acknowledged that he was/is unable to save himself, that CHRIST, taking his punishment, provided the perfect and only sacrifice worthy of a HOLY GOD and that through CHRIST alone he is reconciled to GOD. He was baptized in 2012 after much conviction and a desire to publicly identify with CHRIST.

Kyhl and his wife, Charity relocated to Des Moines from Chicago in 2012 and began attending Saylorville Church in 2014. Throughout their time at Saylorville, Kyhl and Charity have served together in a variety of ministries. Currently, Kyhl serves as the Men’s Ministry Director, a youth leader to our Saylorville Students and as a member of the counseling team.