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  1. On behalf of the entire Eglise Baptiste de La Rochelle, we want to thank you for broadcasting Tyler & Kat’s wedding. Even though Tyler’s French family could not make it to the wedding, we were with you in spirit. Tyler became a special part of our church family and we appreciate your role in the year he spent with us.

  2. Was wondering if the baptisms will be shown on “live” recording. Our son is getting baptized this Sunday at the 11:00 service and his sister in Napa, CA would love to be able to watch. Just checking….

  3. We appreciate so much the privilege of hearing the messages live each Sunday, I have been able to replay after attending the first service; then Dick is able to hear it on line. It means a lot to be able to hear the Word, even for those of us who might be hard of hearing! Praise the Lord! The message today was very revealing. We do want to boast in what God has done! I did not realize that Pilgram’s Progress was written while Paul Bunyan was in prison that many years. Thank you, Pastor Pat, for sharing you enthusiasm. You are truly called!

  4. Good message on the analagy of Enoch’s walk with God. Young and old can benefit from this. I had never thought about that first hand knowledge being passed on to the generations. Thank you, Pastor Pat.

  5. Thank you for your beautiful message this morning, and for honoring my sister, Kris, George and the Lehman family as some of those you hold dearly in your heart. Thank you for your heart, Pastor Nemmers, and for the blessing you have been in my life through our limited interactions. I will pray for your son to come back to the LORD, and will you pray for my son, Jon, to come back to Him, too? Thank you.

  6. Theresa Stephenson

    Hi! I wonder if someone can tell Pastor Nemmers that I said hello and I am doing well and strong in the Lord. I watch his live messages every week. He led me to the Lord with my friend Barb on the 25th of November 1995 in Clarion Iowa. I have had many trials since I have seen him last but it has given me a stronger testimony. A quote that I have memorized from Pastor Pat is: “Be not angry that you cannot make others as you want them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.” Also something he used to say that I really respected him for is: “Dont believe me, read it for yourself.” That really impressed me when I first started going to Holmes Baptist Church before and after I got saved. I was raised Catholic and we didnt read the Bible we believed what the priest said.

  7. Pastor Kurt, you are a wonderful blessing! Thank you so very much for message this morning.
    And for that matter, all the pastors and those who serve at Saylorville a blessing.
    Thank you all, Lee

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