Brunch With Bev

It won’t be long before John and Bev Leonard leave to go to their new ministry in Brazil! Ladies, you are invited to attend a farewell “Brunch with Bev” on Saturday, May 12th, at 9:30 a.m. at the church. Bev will be sharing how God led them to this ministry, what their new ministry involves, and how we can pray for their family. We will be giving Bev a gift during the program. You will have opportunity during community groups this coming Sunday, April 15th, to give toward that gift, and to write a note of encouragement for a scrapbook that Carol Byrd is putting together for Bev. Please come prepared this Sunday evening and join us at this special brunch on May 12th! Questions can be directed to Carol Byrd, Deb Pehl, Darlene Whims, or Lynn Ober.


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