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  1. Pastor Pat,
    I have been prompted to listen to this sermon three times in the last three days. A week ago I did not know you or your church. God is leading me to you! I was blessed to meet a church member who introduced me to Sayloville Church and your online sermon archive. I work overnights and what is my equivalent of middle of the night is noon. Having worked a 13 hour shift and being more tired than usual I read from Thessalonians and went to sleep. I was awoken with a start at noon today. The predominant thought to listen tot this message again. Again? I thought to myself. I listened to it twice already. But i pulled out my phone and listened for the third time. With years of tears streaming down my face I finally heard it. Humble yourself, submit and repent. I prayed the Salvation Prayer and felt the peace of the Holy Spirit fill me. Thank you !

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