Kristi Walker – September 2010

Dear Prayer Supporters,

I have two special requests to share with you quickly regarding the next few days:

1. This weekend is our annual church retreat. My home/sending church – Heritage Baptist Church in Clarks Summit, PA – is here to minister to us this weekend. Pray that God will work in a mighty way in hearts and lives tonight, tomorrow and Sunday as we sit under the teaching of the Word of God. Not everyone attending the retreat is a believer, so pray for eyes and hearts to be opened! Also, we are baptizing 7 young people (teenagers and pre-teens) tomorrow (Saturday) in a lake, and several unbelieving family members will be there to witness the baptisms. We are so excited about this! I will send out an update next week and include a couple of pictures. 🙂

2. This Wednesday, for the first time ever (that I am aware of), high school students in Berlin will be participating in “See You at the Pole” ( A young lady in the 10th grade stepped forward and volunteered to be the student initiator for this event. Students at John F. Kennedy School will meet in front of the high school at 7:30am to pray for their school, the city of Berlin, and the nation of Germany! We will also be hosting a 6:30 prayer breakfast before SYATP at a local coffee shop across the street from the JFK school. Pray that many students will be motivated to participate and that they will have boldness and courage to PRAY as their fellow students watch and enter the school all around them.

Thank you for your participation in the ministry in Berlin through prayer. We need it and appreciate it!


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