The Christian and Media – Part 2: Finding God in Film

Lord of the Lens: Can we find God in film?

“I didn’t want you to enjoy the film. I wanted you to look very closely at your own soul.”
– Sam Peckinpah, Director

The Bible and film – many people might say these two things would be a contradiction in terms. If this is your fall back position, you are missing the point and missing the impact that film has on our culture.

In this visual era, many think they go hand in hand.

Come along to this one off event where we discuss the intersection of Christianity and cinema.

Some of the topics that we will cover:
1. Brief history of the Bible and film
2. Discernment of the ‘quality’ of film
3. Seeing God in film
4. Starting conversations about Jesus and the Bible through film

What this session ‘is not’
1. Convincing you to watch film
2. A debate if people should go to the cinema

Come if you are interested in how to engage people with the Gospel through cinema.

Hope to see you there for this interactive discussion.

Moderator: Russell Matthews from Russelling Reviews


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