Voelker – November 2010

BAPTISM: Last Sunday we attended Igreja Baptista de Ramada to attend the baptism of one of our students. Most of our teaching staff were in attendance to witness this important step of obedience. It was a thrill to observe this student’s courage in taking a stand for Christ. ELISABETH THOMAS: Please keep praying for one…

Voelker – November 2010

We’ve asked you to pray with us this school year for our new Nepalese student in the elementary. Uttam needs to learn more English in order to be able to get passing grades and in order to begin to understand God’s love for him. Please continue to pray with us for Uttam’s language development as…

Voelker – September 2010

See You At The Pole is an international event held on September 21st where students meet around their school’s flag pole and pray for their school, community and country. Several GLCA students planned the event on their own and most of our student body participated. The interesting thing is that we don’t actually have a…

Voelker – August 2009

voelkerSummers here in Portugal give us a break from the regular school routine. Instead of teaching, Cal spends his time taking care of the grounds, painting and preparing teacher apartments and caring for teacher vehicles. He enjoys the change but is always ready to return to the classroom. He still loves teaching and daily contact with students.

August is vacation month in Portugal. By law, all full-time, contracted workers must be paid 14 months salary each year. Yes, you read that correctly. It was not a typo. Twice a year, in November and in August Portuguese workers receive a subsidy check = to one months salary. They often use the November check for Christmas and the August check for vacation. Four weeks vacation per year is also the norm. It is difficult to plan ministry activities during this month because so many people are vacationing. This significantly affects church attendance and means it is sometimes difficult to find enough teachers, preachers and personnel for other church responsibilities. Along with his usual responsibilities as grass cutter, sound technician and worship team member, Cal has been standing in the gap during the last three Sundays by teaching adult Sunday School. During our eight years ministering in Portugal this is the first time that he has taught in Portuguese. He taught an overview of Paul’s 13 epistles. It was quite a challenge to prepare and present his lessons, however, with some help and patience on the part of the students, he did a good job. God was honored and those who were not on vacation, walked away with a booklet to which they can refer in the future as they study these books on their own. His love of teaching and sharing God’s Truth helped him through the language challenges.