1. Nice testimonial Lane, it is great when one finds his God and confesses that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior. He does truly bless those that follow him. Peace be with you. Bob

  2. The Lord works wonders in our lives…He takes empty restless spaces in our lives and fills them up with so much love…And gives us his priceless wonderful gift of salvation! And through the journey gives us wisdom…and yes, he wants us to pass that along to others!! So glad that you have found his peace and love and a very good church to be in! Love, Tamra Derrick

  3. Lane…I was so moved by your story. There are so many children who are traveling the same road that you did as a child. As a teacher at DNH, I always tried to live my faith at school without crossing that line of separation of church and state…sad isn’t it? Think of how many children we could reach on a profound level if we didn’t have that barrier…thank goodness for our places of worship. Although, obviously, we need to do much better, since we still fail in reaching so many who are living right beside us. I remember being totally surprised one day when I realized so few of my kids in my class attended church. I can’t even remember the context of how it came up, except for the fact that we were reading Martin Luther King Jr…Peaceful Warrior as our novel at the time. I had a stereotype of people who lived in small communities naturally attended church on Sundays. I had my eyes opened that day…it showed me a whole different side of my students. I was convinced that I needed to work harder at spreading the good news of Jesus Christ outside of my classroom. That is when Mark and I became youth leaders at our church. We felt that if we worked more closely with our high school kids we could reach more kids who didn’t have Christ in their lives. Now that I am retired, I miss that connection with kids. You have reminded me that I need to continue to try and reach our youth. The path on my journey here on earth has changed through retirement, but God’s commission to love and serve others has remained constant. I have become lax in this area…thank you for sharing your story and reminding me that my work here on earth is not done. Blessings to you and your family….Jan Urbanek

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