1. Just listened to your testimony Fredrick….got me thinking of our enemy’s use of pride in our lives…..thanks for the reminder. Great job and Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Hi Fredrick, Just listened to your talk, very inspiring. I know for sure that Gemma has played a big role in you finding your faith, as she is a very special girl. Can you send her all my love and prayers. This comes from her friend Maggie in Derry.
    My husband and I have three boys and are trying very hard in this difficult world to bring them up knowing Jesus. So comforting to know that my childhood friend and her husband are doing the same.
    In a world that makes our faith seem so alien and foreign, it’s so good to know that we are not alone. Its truly a blessing that God has directed me to your site and a miracle that it is my friend Gemma.

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