Faith Promise Sunday

Sunday, January 16th was our Faith Promise Sunday, where we made pledges to give x amount of dollars by years end toward a much needed education facility. We are still receiving pledges through this weekend if you would still like to pledge.

Some of you are wondering how we are asking you to give. In the end, as with how much you promise, that will be up to you. You may give weekly, monthly (what I’m doing), quarterly, semiannually, or in one lump – your call. We have special building offering envelopes ready to give you Sunday, along with your 2010 giving statements. Both can be picked up in the Coffee Cove.

And then there’s the “Do we have a goal?” question. Candidly, I (along with everyone else) always have a number in mind at times like these. Yet I have also always stopped short of putting a goal out there. I think the reasons are obvious. Nevertheless what is promised WILL be the basis by which we proceed in our plans to move forward with the project. A big promise will allow us to move more quickly. A smaller one, well…. I would love to see us get a big enough one to envision starting the phases.

Our philosophy of not borrowing puts us squarely in the faith camp, and that’s a good place to be! Remember;
-The Bible never encourages borrowing
-The Bible always discourages borrowing
-(nevertheless) Borrowing is not outrightly prohibited
-(therefore)Borrowing is not a matter of sin but a test of faith

May the Lord’s blessing be upon us as we face this test.

– Pastor Pat


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