Wounded Healing Workshop

Wounded Healing Workshop – Adult Teaching Module
Date: Saturday, November 6th
Time: 8:00am-11:30am
Location: Saylorville Church Auditorium
Speakers: Shane and Erin Latham, missionaries to Brazil
Cost: Free
Childcare: Available through 2nd Grade only, please sign your child up when you register.

Wounded Healing Workshop
Can you imagine living without shame? Can you imagine living free from the thoughts and memories that have accused you your whole life; the damming self-talk that speaks against who God created you to be? What if freedom from the accuser was just the beginning of a new story where the worst moments and even the worst choices of your life were restored into beauty from ashes? Could God really shine the Gospel through your most regrettable moments so that the light of His glory rescues others lost in despair?

At the Wounded Healing modue we will see how throughout the Bible and throughout history, God has been redeeming men and women through His wounds which bring healing to the world. As followers of Jesus, we too are to take up our cross and allow our wounds to bring relief to others. Through vulnerability we find an authenticity that connects us to the stories of saints laid bare in scripture. David the adulterer, Saul the murderer or Peter the betrayer; their stories did not end defined by their worst moments and neither should ours. God wants to rescue and restore us so that our stories can become a resource for the clarification of the pain others are experiencing. Our Gospel healed scars serve to glorify God and bring hope to the hurting.


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