Theologically Weathering Life’s Toughest Challenges

Theologically Weathering Life’s Toughest Challenges – Adult Teaching Module
Date: Saturday, April 17th
Time: 8:00am-11:30am
Location: Saylorville Church Auditorium
Cost: Free
Childcare: Available through 2nd Grade only, please sign your child up when you register.

Theologically Weathering Life’s Toughest Challenges
In February, we conducted one of our most well-received modules yet: Weathering Life’s Toughest Challenges. We dealt with the issues of divorce, loneliness, bereavement and unfaithfulness with our very own people who have experienced those challenges in life.

The leadership thought it would be a good idea to follow up that module with a theological discourse along the same lines. On Saturday, April 17, we will continue with “Theologically Weathering Life’s Toughest Challenges.” We will look forward to having Dr. Kevin Carson, pastor and professor at Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Springfield, Missouri, as our guest speaker.

Dr. Carson has dealt extensively in the areas we have already covered as well as transgenderism and other LGBTQ issues of our day. These topics will be a great addition to those of our last module.

Will you join us?


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