Sunday Night Modules

Starting on October 7th we will be offering three different adult modules over three weeks. Please register to ensure your spot!

Class Titles

Ology: Track One (Bibliology) by Pastor Brad Pausley and Jim Grant
There are several “ologies” in the Bible. Ology means “the study of.” In this modules, we will be studying the different systematic theologies of the Bible (if you don’t know what that means, don’t worry we will explain it.) In this first module track we will be studying Bibliology which is the study of the Bible. The Bible is where all other Ology’s are found. We will be looking at how we know it is God’s Word, if it contains errors, how we got the books of the Bible and a bit more.

When Helping Hurts by Preston Young
What if poverty isn’t about a lack of food, money, or clothing? What if our attempts to help the poor can actually hurt them? Good intentions aren’t enough and many Christians are asking how they can make a real impact in their community and around the world. Join us as we dive into some of the concepts from the book *When Helping Hurts* and learn more about this very important topic.

Ruth: My Purpose. His Providence. by Sarah Moulton
Do your days seem dark? Are you bitter toward God and His plan? Do you struggle being content with working through the mundane tasks of *life as you know it*? There is hope, my sister! Join us as we walk through the book of Ruth together and discover that you can have great purpose in His perfect providence.


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