Spring Women’s Bible Study

Search the Word is for every woman! Whether you have been studying God’s Word for most of your life or you have just recently started reading the Bible. Every woman has room to grow and we have also been called to study in community, whether that is coming alongside a woman who is new in her faith or encouraging an older woman who is leading you in your journey. We need each other!

We will be doing this in small groups again just like we did in the fall. This offers women a lot more intimacy and accountability. Many women from our fall studies have found new friendships because of the less intimidating environment and the ability to speak up and go deep together. There are a few groups that are being offered on Thursday mornings at the church so we can offer childcare. So, if you are needing childcare, don’t wait to sign up for a Thursday morning group. Space is limited!

If you want to take a look inside the book, click here to get an idea of what the homework looks like and to watch a short video about the study.


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