NewHeart Counseling Conference 2019

We live in a culture where sin has impacted and distorted the world we live in. The Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, helps us understand the necessity of a personal relationship with Him and how we should live our lives. This conference will use Biblical truths to help you navigate these important areas of your life, for God’s glory. The cost is $50.

Track 1:
A mix of classes on Biblical Counseling issues related to sexuality and Biblical counseling certification and ministry. Classes include:
– “Being a Godly Woman in a Sexualized Culture”
– “Combating Pornography”
– “Building a Counseling Ministry in Your Church”
– “A Healthy Marriage in a Culture of Sexual Sickness”
– “Biblical Recovery in an Age of Addiction”
– “How Do I Get Certified as a Counselor?”

Track 2:
LGBTQ Seminar
The Heart, Mind & Soul: LGBTQ Seminar is an interactive seminar that is designed to help believers build grace and truth relationships with unbelieving individuals within the LGBTQ Community. Throughout the seminar, we take the believer on a journey that guides them towards loving and engaging the unbelieving LGBTQ individual in a biblically, culturally and actionably-appropriate manner. The seminar sheds light on some common misconceptions between the LGBTQ Community and Christians which helps you and your church better understand the core beliefs, feelings and values often found in the LGBTQ Community. You will come away equipped to build relationships based on both grace and truth with the LGBTQ person in their workplace, neighborhood or family.

The Counseling Conference Agenda will be available to download when you register. Cost is $50 for the entire conference which includes a binder and all information.


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