Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday at Saylorville Church

No other weekend on the Christian calendar capitalizes the Gospel more than Easter weekend. During this time we celebrate the awful death and the glorious resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Together, His death and resurrection make up the Gospel—the “good news” that God has given to us. It is the means by which our sins can be forgiven and a relationship with God can be eternally established.

Join us for Easter as we plan to bring great praise to our resurrected Jesus and the Good News that’s for those who put their hope in Him. Would you like to celebrate with us? We’re inviting you to join a service at 7:00am, 8:00am, 9:30am or 11:00am. Coffee and continental breakfast will be available from 6:30am-11:00am. We will also have an Easter photo booth available for you to take a family photo.

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