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At Saylorville, we believe being a member of the local church is very important. It’s about taking ownership. Becoming a member means that you are willing to identify yourself with us – that you want to join us in our vision of making more people more like Jesus in the Des Moines metro and around the world.

Being a member of any community comes with certain responsibilities. We are a family that is intentional about spending time together, serving each other, and caring deeply for each other. Our common purpose motivates us to give of what we’ve been given so that others may benefit as we have.

Membership also has its privileges. While we encourage everyone attending our church to jump right in and begin getting connected, many opportunities are only available to members. Likewise, major decisions that impact the direction of the church are made by our members because they have a great stake in our common future.

To find out more about membership at Saylorville, sign up to attend our next Membership Class here.


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