Making Great Hospital Visits

Part of sharing life with your Community Group will eventually lead you through the doors of a hospital. If you’re not accustomed to spending time in hospitals, you may feel nervous or even awkward about visiting a group member. Instead of waiting until they get home, don’t waste the opportunity to offer comfort and encouragement right away. Here are some pointers before you head to the hospital.

  1. Ask first – call the patient or immediate family to understand if making a physical visit is appropriate.
  2. Take someone from your Community Group with you. Consider it a good training and good team ministry opportunity.
  3. Plan to stay less than 15 minutes.
  4. Read Scripture. Have several passages prepared before you arrive.
  5. Leave a note or card. Include your contact info, encouragement, and a short note that provides proof of presence.
  6. Be respectful to medical staff. Stay out of their way and don’t challenge the way they do their job.
  7. Don’t ask too many personal medical questions.
  8. Pray for the patient and ask if they would like to pray.
  9. Represent Christ, Christians, and your church to those who don’t know Jesus.
  10. Talk about things other than their medical condition – life highlights, family, relationships, memories, goals, etc.


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