Update Your Group Info

Planning Center Online: Groups Module

Planning Center Groups is an online application that will help you manage your members, plan events, take attendance, and share resources. If you are a leader of a group, continue reading to learn about the main functions of the app and for help getting started with your group.

Log In
The first time you go to log in to Groups, you might need to create a password.

Manage Members
The first page you see when you select your group is a list of all your members. There are some quick actions you can take on this page, such as emailing members.

The Events tab shows you a calendar of upcoming events for your group, along with some quick actions you can take on each event.

From the event list, you can quickly report attendance or cancel events. You can request RSVPs from your members for upcoming special events.

From the Settings tab, group leaders can modify group information such as name, description, and group image. Leaders can also update the meeting location, contact information, and group description.

There are currently two different types of reports. The Overview report will give you a bird’s eye view of how your group is doing as a whole.

The Attendance report will give you a closer look at the individuals in your group. As you take attendance during your events, this report will begin to populate.

How To Take Attendance
Each week you will get an email before your weekly meeting asking you to record attendance. Check the boxes next to every member that is present. Visitors can be added by adding their name at the bottom of the page. For more information about how to report attendance and add visitors, check out the video below.