How To Host An Online Cell Group

Can’t meet in person with your Cell Group? No problem. With a little technology, some creativity, and a little prep, your group can still experience life change together! Here are several ideas from Cell Group Leaders already hosting online groups:

Choose an app/software/platform that your whole group can access. Here are some popular options:

Choose a time that works best for everyone, then stick with it.

  • Now that you’re meeting online, consider adjusting your meeting time to accommodate work schedules, children’s bedtimes, meal times, etc.
  • For instance, your group might all be available mid-morning, or could be free after putting kids to bed in the evening.

Be sure everybody has the app/software/platform before the meeting begins.

  • Help people in your group that might not be confident working with technology. If you need help yourself, please contact our church staff!

Send out a link to the study or discussion guide to prepare your group.

  • Make sure every member of your group has access to the sermon questions, the video discussion, or the study guide before the group meeting.

Select a quiet room/location in your home.

  • Turn off anything making noise in the background (TV, music, appliances).
  • Put pets in a different room.
  • You might need to ask people to mute their device when they aren’t talking if you are picking up too much ambient noise.

Only use one device per household.

  • Use only one device per home. Multiple devices will produce high-pitched feedback.

Put each device on a table or tripod.

  • A phone that keeps moving or falling over will be a major distraction.

Allow for casual discussion, but move the conversation along intentionally.

  • Make everybody feel welcome just like you would if they were in your home.
  • It will probably take some practice to get to the point where conversation flows naturally. 
  • Try asking specific people to answer questions, or going in order.
  • The moderator should talk 20% of the time and listen 80% of the time.

Give your full attention, don’t multitask.

  • When participants are not paying full attention it can be a big distraction online just like an in-person group.
  • When talking, look at the camera, not just the screen.

Stay focused on experiencing life change together.

  • Keep the main thing the main thing! Don’t lose sight of the purpose of your group because the platform has changed from in-person to online.

Stay in touch between meetings.

  • Meet one-on-one or with one other couple/family each week.
  • Assign prayer partners to call each other and pray through the week.
  • Use a text thread to communicate and connect with each other during the week.

Thanks to our friends at Northridge Church for some of these ideas.

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