Reopening Guidelines

As we reopen our doors we want to inform you of the adjustments we are making to keep everyone as safe as possible. Saylorville Church will follow the guidelines the government lays out for us as best we can as stated below.

We are encouraging our elderly and those of you with concerning health conditions to remain home and continue to watch online. Please join us online if you’ve had the following symptoms:

  • Fever over 100 degrees
  • Cough or sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days

If you are planning to join us physically for a service, here are some guidelines we’ll be implementing:


Sanitation will be an ongoing priority with people consistently cleaning the building throughout the morning.

We will have air purifiers operating within our church and will be running them throughout the morning on Sundays.

Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the facility.

The doors will be propped open as you enter the church to prevent the need to touch door handles. Greeters will welcome you to the church with a smile and a wave at the appropriate distance.

The Coffee Cove time will be suspended until further notice.

Ushers will stand inside the auditorium to help you find available seating while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

We will be using an electronic, digital bulletin rather than a printed, physical bulletin.


The auditorium will have spaced-out seating to provide proper distance between family units. Please allow three seats between your family and the next family.

In order to maintain appropriate numbers for social distancing in the building, we are requiring online registration for each service. (There will be a registration posted at the top of the page on Monday each week.)

We will continue to provide high quality, worshipful online services at 8:00am, 9:30am and 11:00am for those that choose to join us via live stream.

Our services, for the time being, will be slightly shorter in order to better accommodate everyone coming and going. This will include corporate singing and preaching.

During the service, if you are having problems with a child, the gymnasium will be available as a family-friendly viewing area with a live feed of the service happening on a big screen.

On July 5th, we will resume Rise Up, Nurseries and Children’s Church (through 5 years old). See more details about the Children’s Ministry reopening below.


Will you be live streaming all the services? Yes, we will be live streaming all three services (8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am).

Are we capping the attendees per service? Yes. We will only accommodate as many people in the auditorium that allows for 6 feet of space between family units. The current social distancing guidelines mean that a maximum of 165 people can be in our sanctuary for each service.

Can I attend a service if I did not register? At this time we are asking everyone to register for the service they plan to attend. If all services are filled for a given Sunday, we ask that you please watch online from home.

Do we have to wear masks? We urge anyone with a compromised health condition who still intends to worship corporately to wear a mask. Otherwise, we are not requiring anyone to wear a mask. You may wear one but it is not mandatory.

Are people allowed to stick around after the service and fellowship? We are encouraging everyone to make their way out of the building fairly quickly after the conclusion of each service to distance from people arriving for the next service. You’re welcome to continue conversations outside of the building at the appropriate distance.

Can I sit with someone not in my family unit? We strongly recommend sitting with your family unit, but if both you and the individual/family are comfortable, you can join someone outside your family unit if there is space.

Will we receive a physical bulletin? For the time being, our weekly bulletin will be digital-only. Details on how to receive this will be communicated throughout the service.

Will there be areas of the church closed to limit use? The classrooms in the Family Life Center and the basement will not be open.

Will the drinking fountains be open? Yes, someone from the cleaning team will be wiping them down throughout the morning.

Is it ok for me to bring a snack for my child during service? Yes, but please clean up any wrappers or crumbs left before you leave for the next service.

Will we have any childcare available? Yes for infants through 5 years old. The gymnasium will be available as a family-friendly viewing area with a live feed of the service happening on a big screen for those of you who do not opt to use childcare.

Will the Library be open? It will be closed for the time being.


As we make preparations to reopen Saylorville Kids for infants through 5 years old, we want to first acknowledge the difficulty of socially distancing kids. We understand there are risks to having kids classes and strive to minimize those risks and provide a safe and healthy environment for our families. While we are making plans and preparations, we are prepared to make adjustments as things progress and change. We know that each family has their own comfort level with the current situation and we both honor and respect each family’s decision to either return or stay home. Saylorville Kids (Kindergarten-5th grade) will resume in the fall.

Pre-registration is required for a child to attend a class. Pre-registration allows us the ability to limit the number of kids per class. All parent and child tags will be pre-printed and can be picked up at the Check-In desk prior to the service in which you are attending. Visitors or unregistered families must stop at the Check-In desk for further instructions. Registrations will be honored until 5 minutes after the start of service – then the spot will be given to any unregistered children.

Update to our Illness Policy – We ask that if anyone in a family is ill, that no one from that family attends a Saylorville Kids class on Sunday. This is a modification of our current illness policy, but a change we feel is necessary considering the current situation. The Saylorville Kids Illness Policy will be posted in all classrooms and will be strictly enforced.

Parents, please take your child(ren) to the bathroom before dropping them off in class. A visit to the bathroom before class can help us limit bathroom trips during class and ensures all kids have washed their hands prior to entering the room. Hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms and can be used as needed.

Due to the current situation, we can not allow any family to bring a snack from home to be given to a child during snack time. We will have allergy-free snack options available (fruit snacks and veggie straws). If your child is unable to have a snack in class, please let the volunteers know when dropping off your child.

Classroom volunteers will be cleaning/sanitizing classrooms between services. Please wait to drop off your child(ren) until 10 minutes before the service starts to allow the volunteers to properly prepare a classroom. Do not enter a classroom that displays a “Cleaning in Progress” sign.
Activity bags will still be provided for kids who have completed K-5th grade and will be sitting in the auditorium with their family.

ALL name tags of pre-registered families and scheduled volunteers will be pre-printed and available for pick up at the Check-In desk. Visiting families and/or those who have not pre-registered must stop at the Check-In desk for further instructions.

Pre-registration for a Saylorville Kids class will be completed via Church Center (and at the same time parents register to attend a service – see the top of this page to register)

For at least the month of July and possibly though the summer, we will be limiting class sizes to promote a healthy and safe environment for kids, families, and volunteers.

Infant Nursery – maximum of 6 kids per service (5 pre-registered spots, 1 visitor spot)
Toddler Nursery – maximum of 10 kids per service (8 pre-registered spots, 2 visitor spots)
2½ – 3 years – maximum of 14 kids per service (10 pre-registered spots, 4 visitor spots)
4 years – preschool – maximum of 18 kids per service (14 pre-registered spots, 4 visitor spots)

Are masks required? No, we are not requiring children or volunteers to wear masks; although if you are more comfortable wearing a mask you are welcome to wear one.