Handy Helpers

Handy Helpers

Handy Helpers is a ministry in which volunteers use their God-given abilities to help those who have needs – in a systematic organized manner. It is both a ministry opportunity for people to use their talents and capabilities for the cause of Christ, and an essential service through which needs are met in the name of Christ.

Workforce… Those who desire to use their skills to serve the Lord, volunteer their time and talents in specific areas of expertise, both men and women.

Users….. Those who need jobs to be done, but lack the capability (expertise and/or resources) to do them. Initially the program will start with single parents, widows/widowers, elderly, other urgent requests that come into the church, and selected non-profit organizations (including the church). Possible growth will be expansion to the whole church and/or to other churches and to the community in general.

Process….. Volunteers sign up in specific areas of expertise (painting, cooking, organizing, landscaping, etc) and indicate how much time they wish to make available as well as when during the week they would like to work. Then when needs are made known, capabilities are matched with requirements and teams (usually two persons) are sent out to do the work at a mutually acceptable time.

Volunteer Sign Up Form
If you would like to volunteer click sign up below.

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Forms are also available in the church office.

Volunteer Guidelines

Handy Helpers (HH) volunteers will:
• Do work for those who need help but lack the capability (expertise and/or resources) to do it.
• Do work that is generally limited to non-recurring events. It is not expected for example to
mow someone’s lawn each week for the entire summer.
• Work in teams of at least two as assigned by HH leadership.
• Schedule your work directly with the requestor so that you can work in the time slots for
which you volunteer.
• Use materials provided (or at least paid for) by the requestor.
• Provide your own tools.

Work Request Form
If you would like to request some work to be done click sign up below.

Printable version
Forms are also available in the church office.

Work Request Information
Work will be accepted if:
1. It is requested for:
• Elderly, Widows/Widowers or Single Parents associated with Saylorville Church
• Special requests that come into the church
• Selected non-profit organizations (including Saylorville Church)

2. Kinds work:
• All kinds for which there are capable volunteers (House, Yard, Handyman, Vehicles, Medical, Transportation, Computers, Finances, Spiritual, Family, Hobbies, and more)
• Minor repairs on most things (cars, homes, and things in and around them)
• Tasks that do not have significant liability risk (Examples of tasks not accepted: car brakes, electrical wiring, gas pipe installation)
• Handy Helper Team Leadership will review all requests

Note: If the need is urgent, you can fill out the form and/or call Saylorville Church.


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