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  1. […] of family members. Why not use that same kind of technology to meet with your Community Group each week? With a few simple steps, your group can be up and running online in just a few minutes. Meeting online takes some getting […]

  2. This is an amazing message. It touches us all where we find ourselves at some time. Your personal touch is especially touching – brings tears every time I hear this message. I’m encouraging our kids to see it too. Thanks for being candid about your real life.

  3. Hello….I just listened again to Jason Jackson’s sermon on August 1st. I just want to say thank you so much for this sermon!!! I was at the welcome/information center and had welcomed a young family of 5 who were visiting that morning (I vaguely new them). When they left I commented….so did you tell the office earlier and tell them you were going to visit and this was the response!! Needless to say, they were back yesterday…sitting in back of us with chairs that were set up. They commented….if you don’t get to church early, you sit on the floor!!! I also heard a lady say that she was listening for the third time. People are hungry for Truth and Good Doctrine. Thank you, Saylorville Staff.

  4. This was a turning point message for me and I suspect for many others. So relevant, God inspired, a message that needs to go out to many. We will share this message with others within our realm.

  5. Dennis LUdwick

    Great Biblical Truth Message for application preach by his faithful messenger, Curt DeGraaf . It challenged me and reminded to repent daily in order to point people to Chirst for salvation and for a life worth living this side of Heaven. Pastor Curt was my pastor at Bethesda Baptist Church in Brownsburg. Dennis Ludwick, Matthew 6:33;Matthew 5:16;Matthew 28:19-20

  6. betty tashjian

    Nara your testimony was a great blessing to me. I am thankful for you and your confession of faith. You are going to do great things for our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you and keep you in his loving arms.

    Aunt Betty Tashjian

    Thank you for sharing this testimony with the world. It is truly a magical event.

  7. Pastor Kurt, you are a wonderful blessing! Thank you so very much for message this morning.
    And for that matter, all the pastors and those who serve at Saylorville a blessing.
    Thank you all, Lee

  8. Do children need to preregister if visting on Christmas Eve to attend the student area during the 4:30 PM service?

  9. This was the most beautiful testimony I have ever heard! THANK YOU for sharing! Our great GOD, Savior and LORD is worthy of every breath we take…. May He CONTINUE to revive and bless you my sister!

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