Using the Bible Study Journal

Download the current Saylorville Bible Study Journal here.

If you’re a Community Group Leader, check out the Leader Guide for the Bible Study Journal here.

This resource has been designed to help men and women read, study, and listen to the Bible in more meaningful ways. We believe God has designed us to live and learn in community with His people, so, the Journal is used best in groups. When you show up to your group having personally spent quality time in God’s Word, your group benefits, and each member has the opportunity to grow. The goal is to challenge every group member toward personal life transformation – moving from where they currently are to where God intends them to be.

The Sunday Sermon

The first step is to make sure you take great notes during the Sunday morning message at Saylorville. Messages are posted online on Sunday mornings in case you miss a Sunday. The resources and questions in the Journal are designed to be used in conjunction with the key passage(s) from the Sunday sermon. Each Bible Study Journal includes sections for each week of the current Saylorville sermon series.


Ideally, you and your other group members will dive deep into Scripture by working through the four main steps of Bible study each week. Depending on when your group meets, your leader may ask you to complete the steps before or after your weekly meeting. The Journal has built-in flexibility, so you’re group will be able choose the best way to use it.


In order to get the most out of this resource, and out of your time together as a Community Group, it’s important that you participate during and between group meetings. Your group may have a text thread, or an email chain for specific questions or new learnings each week. Jump in and share what you’re learning! Celebrate with your group when someone makes a discovery in Scripture that’s new to them. Be sure to help build a group environment that highlights the transformation that comes from Holy Spirit-led application of God’s Word!

Participating In The Weekly Discussion

Personal spiritual growth takes commitment, so The Bible Study Journal begins with a Commitment page. At the beginning of each sermon series, your group will prayerfully agree together to becoming more like Jesus together. Refer back to these commitments throughout the season to celebrate your own wins and encourage ongoing growth in those around you.

Each Journal includes a Resources section specific to the current sermon series. Use these resources and helps to deepen your understanding of the passage each week. When you meet together with your group, share some of the Bible study resources they found particularly helpful that week.

The Attributes page is a reminder that all of Scripture points to Who God is, not just what He does. Whenever you read a passage, look for Him before asking how this relates to you. The Bible is a book about God! Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes not. The more you look for His character, the more you start to see it in every passage. When you gather with your group each week, share them which of the attributes of God were on display in the key passage(s) that week.

One of the keys to learning is to take Sermon Notes. Encourage your group to follow along carefully on Sunday mornings, and then to write down important statements, passages, illustrations, or questions that stood out to them. The notes you take during the weekly sermon will provide great discussion material when you get together with your group!

Each week, the Journal includes sections titled, “Context”, “Observation”, “Interpretation”, and “Application”. These four key steps of Bible study will guide you and your group into deeper engagement with the text each week. Complete each step at your own pace, don’t worry about getting behind a day or two – just enjoy digging into God’s Word. Since the steps are the same for each week, you’ll get familiar with them quickly and will be able to dive deeper into each one as time goes on. Use the resources and helps each week as you study the passage for life transformation. When your group meets together, don’t be afraid to share some of your key learnings from the passage – remember, we’re better together!

Our vision at Saylorville is to be a church that makes more people more like Jesus. We want to be changed daily into people who look more like our Savior. At the end of each Bible Study Journal, you’ll find a “More Like Jesus” section. Walk through the questions in this section to help solidify the lessons you have learned throughout the sermon series.


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