Before You Serve In The Coffee Cove…

Serving in the Coffee Cove on Sunday mornings is an opportunity for Cell Groups to grow together by serving others. Most groups serve in this ministry one Sunday morning each year. Check out the schedule to see when your group is on the calendar.

The Coffee Cove provides an immediate connection point after the Sunday Worship services for newcomers and regular attenders.

Before your scheduled day of serving:

  1. Check the Coffee Cove schedule and make note of the dates when your Cell Group gets to serve.
  2. Communicate with your Cell Group, encouraging everyone to be involved in serving.

On your day of serving:

  1. The Coffee Cove opens after the first service ends (approximately 8:55 am) and closes after the third service begins (approximately 11:05 am).
  2. Make sure the Coffee Cove is set up correctly.
    • This needs to be completed before the first service ends.
    • Set up includes tables, chairs, tablecloths, decorations on tables, water pitchers, napkins, etc.
  3. The church provides the donuts and treats. We ask that your Cell Group provide the fruit. Each family can bring plate of fruit (E.g., bananas, apples, grapes, etc.)
    • Although we can’t provide special food for every diet, we do want to provide healthy options for those who are trying to eat healthy!
  4. Prepare the treats and put them on serving trays and put them on tables.
    • Please wear gloves when handling any food.
    • Make sure if you have food that includes peanuts that you separate that out on separate trays so people know that there are peanuts.
    • These treats should be put out just before the Coffee Cove opens.
  5. Make a mixed tray of food and fruit for Rise Up and take upstairs to them at 9:30 am.
  6. Make sure that there is enough food, water, napkins, etc. on the table during the CoffeeCove. Also be checking with the coffee servers to make sure the coffee pumper pots and putting out new ones when needed.
    • Put the empty coffee pots on the counter at the small kitchen window and pick up full pots from the counter at the large kitchen window.
  7. Help clean up.
    • Vacuum the Coffee Cove area
    • Put table cloths in kitchen
    • Put decorations away
    • Clean creamer containers and put away in fridge
    • Clean coffee pump pots and put away

After your day of serving:

  1. Take time to talk with your Cell Group about how the experience of serving together impacted your group.
  2. Thanks for helping with this ministry. It has been super encouraging to visitors and gives people a great place to connect with others.

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