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  1. Pat, I think God is doing a very big thing in our church and beyond right now. The Holy Spirit is moving so powerfully in this sermon series! Very hard things are happening in our family right now – but God is preparing and helping us through these sermons, the sermons on Christian radio, a CD from a Christian nephew, etc. etc. – and most of it is on how to handle anger and forgiveness and to view the trials we’re in as a “blessing in disguise”! I’m praying for MORE of the Holy Spirit to be poured out in you, in us and the church – that He will fill us with His fruit -patience, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness,compassion and love – in the midst of the hate and bitterness around us. SO HARD TO DO AND IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! But I know that it’s only when we can do this (the opposite of what is expected back) – to love when there is hate-that they will see Jesus in us.

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