Closing the Window

Closing the Window

“Tim Chester’s Closing the Window provides insightful reflection on the problems that many Christians who are struggling with pornography will find easy to relate to. Full of practical and spiritual insights, it stays true to the message of grace and hope that is found in the gospel of Christ.” (William M. Struthers, associate professor of psychology, Wheaton College, and author of Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain )

Product Description
Pornography is everywhere. Far too many Christians regularly use and are addicted to it, warping their perception of sexuality and relationships, destroying marriages and ministries. But Christians who struggle with porn also long for change. When we realize the unfulfilling emptiness of porn, we come to yearn for freedom from it. But what do we do? Tim Chester says that we can be captured by a better vision–a liberating confidence that God offers more than pornography does. Moving beyond pat answers or mere willpower, Chester offers spiritual, practical and corporate resources for living porn free. He exposes the false promises of porn and redirects us to the true promises of God. With assurance of God’s grace and cleansing power, we can change our desires and escape the traps and temptations of pornography. However great the challenge, God’s grace is even greater. And we can come to a place where we no longer feel the need to use porn. Close the window on porn. And open the door to freedom, integrity and new life.

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