Voelker – November 2010

voelkerWe’ve asked you to pray with us this school year for our new Nepalese student in the elementary. Uttam needs to learn more English in order to be able to get passing grades and in order to begin to understand God’s love for him. Please continue to pray with us for Uttam’s language development as well as for his academic and spiritual growth.

We rarely have contact with the parents of our five Nepalese students. They do not normally attend any school events or programs. Recently, however, Uttam’s father along with several uncles, and grandparents visiting Portugal came to see the school. Grandfather is a Hindu priest in Nepal. The three high school girls recently shared this in girl’s Bible Study; “Our parents sent us to this school so we could get a good English education and learn manners, but we know that God had other plans.” Imagine the impact these believers can have if God leads them to return to Nepal, a country that is very difficult for foreign missionaries to enter! Soon, in an attempt to have some contact and influence on these parents, our entire group of missionaries hopes to share a meal in one of the seven Asian restaurants these families own. Pray that this will lead to opportunities to share Christ’s love with the parents of our students. One more Nepalese student may soon join our elementary student body.

Milord (pronounced Mee-Lord) is an eleventh grade Nepalese student. He trusted Christ as an elementary student at another Christian school and joined us at Greater Lisbon Christian Academy when his family moved closer to our side of Lisbon. Milord is the only one of the students from Hindu families who has been allowed to attend youth group at Igreja Baptista de Ramada. Recently Milord made the very important decision to follow the Lord in believers baptism. Missionary Ken Lowe went with him when he told his mother that he was a Christian and wished to be baptized. Soon he will be telling his father about this decision. So far his sister and female cousins have not been allowed to attend an evangelical church. Please pray for our students who do not have Christian parents enforcing the truths they are learning at school.

portugalIn closing we would like to ask you to pray for the Thomas family who are in their fifth year of ministry in Portugal. They learned on Friday that their one year old daughter has a cancerous tumor on her kidney. More tests will be completed this week to determine the extent of the cancer before recommending treatment that will probably include chemotherapy and surgery to remove her kidney. Please pray for parents, Jeff and Jenny Thomas, and for Maddie, Ellen and Noah, Elisabeth’s older siblings who are all students in our school. Pray that God will continue to give peace and hope to the family and that He will be glorified as they continue to trust Him through this difficult season.

Thank you so much for your partnership as we continue to minister at Greater Lisbon Christian Academy and at Igreja Baptista de Loures. We could not be here without your prayer and financial support.

Believing He is able, Cal and Joyce Voelker

Pray for:
Elisabeth Thomas and her entire family
Uttam to trust Christ and succeed in school
Milord’s baptism on November 7th
Usha, Benjina and Mikky to be allowed to attend church
For our students from Christian fami-lies (Koreans, Germans, Brazilians, Ca-nadians, Americans) to grow in their faith and desire to share Christ with others.


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