Togo Team Update – April 11th

Togo TeamThe following is an update from Jessie Miller:

Abe called to let us know they made it to Mango in about 9 1/2 hours. The trip was extremely hot. Air in van only worked part of the time. The roads were better than expected but the drivers were dangerous! They had dinner with the missionaries at the guest house and then joined them for their church service there. While in the service the electricity went out, thus went the fans! It took a while to get the generator going so they could have some air circulation. He said he was standing on the porch out back and there are nicer houses than he expected around them. Outside of the village there are many more grass huts. They start work early tomorrow morning and he said it is beastly hot. They are all just dripping with sweat! One of the air condtioners is out in their bedroom so pray that they could get it fixed! They are all tired but ready to get to work he said. Found out Tylers’ suitcase with tools in it was lost. Praise the Lord not his clothes!!


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