Bair – February 2010

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Bair - February 2010

This is my best friend. I used this picture because this is how I knew we would be friends for life, totally selfish, I know. 10 years ago this month (last week actually), I attended the NANC training in Lafayette, Indiana. I went there with a married couple from our church and this single girl I didn’t really know. She and I roomed together. Our first night she gave me a back rub. I knew she had to be my friend forever. Actually, God brought her into my life at a time where I was very lonely. He knew just who I needed.

Bair - February 2010

We could not be more opposite. She’s quiet, I’m not really so much. She’s an amazing writer, she blogs alot, I think we all know how good I am about blogging. She has 2 girls, I have 3 boys. She used to chop wood, I’ve never mowed a lawn. Actually, after several years of picturing her with an axe in her hand, I learned she used a wood splitter, it was devastating. Anyway, the list of our differences go on and on. I think that’s why this friendship is so beautiful. We mesh perfectly together. We never argue. We can sit in silence without it being awkward. She’s a great mom. She let’s me pretend her girls are mine.

Bair - February 2010

Bair - February 2010
Someday, these two are going to get married.

Our husbands are best dudes too. They understand each others quirks. They laugh at each others jokes. They play video games together. Its a beautiful friendship.

Bair - February 2010
This is one of their proudest moments together when they won the Halo tournament at the Impact Superbowl party 2006.

Becca officially found out she has cancer this week. She’s had a tumor in her lung for 2 years now, but it was confirmed this week that it is cancer, along with some small spots in her liver. What her cancer is going to learn, if it doesn’t know this already, is that she is one tough chick. She used to chop wood, you know.
It’s not easy to be so far away while she’s facing this. She has walked hand in hand with me through every difficult thing I’ve faced in the last 10 years and I so desperately want to do the same for her. Unfortunately, thousands of miles hinder that a little. God has been reminding me, though, that His plan is for me to be here. My favorite verse is Psalm 18:30.

“As for God, His way is perfect”.

Becca gave me a bracelet before I got on the plane to move here that has this verse inscripted on it. She now wears one on her wrist with the same verse in portuguese.

“Este é o Deus cujo caminho é perfeito.” Salmo 18:30

This verse is so true (duh, its from God’s Word). God’s plan in her life is perfect, no matter what it is, as it is perfect in mine as well.

I am asking for your prayers for our dear friends. They have some big decisions to make in the immediate future. They meet with an oncologist next month to figure our where to go next. Pray for God’s working in Becca’s body. Pray for strength and wisdom for her husband, Dustin. Pray for those beautiful girls whom I love dearly, Karis and Gabi. Pray that in all of this we remember that “As for God, His way is perfect.”

Bair - February 2010

Bair - February 2010


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