Come Walk with Me

Carole Mayhall

How can I become the godly woman I desire to be?
Are there things I can do to deepen my relationship with god?

What can I do to help other women mature spiritually?

Women are inherently relational; we naturally respond to people, particularly other women. Because of this, many of us learn best through a one-on-one mentoring relationship–such as the one described in Titus 2 (“…older woman…train the younger women…”).

Yet countless numbers find it difficult to find a godly woman prepared to fill this role. That’s why author Carole Mayhall has written Come Walk With Me: to stand in the gap as counselor and guide while you grow, and to teach how you, too, can assist younger Christian women in their spiritual walk. Carole’s friendly, helpful advice will help you…

Review the crucial basics of the Christian faith
Fall more deeply in love with God as you learn about his love for you, discover the immeasurable value of the Bible and the purpose of prayer, and learn how studying God’s Word in different ways can impact your life.

Dig into God’s word
Find out which study methods work best for you! Choices include verse studies, personal applications, Scripture meditation, chapter studies, Scripture memorization, character studies, topical studies, and the use of prayer notebooks.

Apply Bible truths
Learn about obeying God, loving your husband and children, being self-controlled and pure, managing a household, and showing kindness (as described in Titus 2).

Pass on what you learn
Learn how to fulfill the biblical command to help other women grow in the Christian life.

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