Our Response to Earthquake in Haiti

By now most of you are hearing about the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Reports are still coming in as I write of literally tens of thousands of people confirmed dead. Haiti is by far the poorest country in the western hemisphere and only 700 miles off the tip of Florida. Probably no other country is more frequently visited by US missionaries, peace corp, etc. than Haiti.

The situation there is still in a state of panic. Governments from around the world are already responding and food supplies and water are getting there but the distribution of those supplies is still being organized. On top of that there is rubble everywhere. It is a dangerous place to be right now. The purpose of this email is three-fold. One, pray for the people of Haiti and the believers on the ground there. Secondly, be patient as we are investigating both the timing and the way in which we might help. Be warned, this is also a time where evil men will rise up in an effort to scam you of your monies. Lastly and speaking of money, no doubt many of you would like to give sooner than later toward this cause in Haiti. Therefore this Sunday night we will take up a special offering to that end. Perhaps by then we can share what ministry or agency we will funnel those monies through in our effort to make sure it gets directly to the people of Haiti.

My guess is that some of you are wondering what all this means from God’s perspective. I will be sending out a Behind the Scenes later on today in regards to that question.

In Christ,
Pastor Pat


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