A Praying Life

Paul Miller
Foreword by David Powlison

“This is as fine a book on prayer that you will ever read, but it is so much more. It is the story of our struggle to actually live like we believe that our Heavenly father really does love us. If we did, nothing could keep us from being committed to the day by day hard work of prayer. Paul exegetes our struggle in a way that is convicting, insight giving and encouraging. This is a book on prayer that actually makes you want to pray!”
– Paul David Tripp

About the Author: Paul Miller is director of seeJesus.net, a discipling mission that develops interactive Bible studies. The PrayerLife Study and Seminar, which form the basis for the book A Praying Life, is the second curriculum released by seeJesus.net. The first curriculum, called The Person of Jesus Study, centers on what Jesus is like as a person and is equally effective with both Christians and non-Christians. Paul’s book Love Walked Among Us is based on The Person of Jesus Study and, similarly, is written for both Christians and non-Christians. Paul also teaches seminars that train people to lead the study with friends and neighbors.

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