Rachel Swanson (Liberia)

Family and Friends,

God is good and has taken both Christie and I on a journey these past several months that was unexpected and life changing in many ways. One way in Christie’s life is that both girls, Redeemed and Naomi, will be coming and and visiting her and her family for 6 months. I know that I forwarded the e-mail that Christie and her mom sent out and God has been using many people to answer the prayer for the money needed to purchase the 2 tickets for the girls. We still need about $600 more dollars before we are able to purchase the tickets. This has been a faith journey all the way and we want to trust God that He will provide this last bit of money. From the beginning of this trip, God cleared both our paths. It’s been truly amazing to see how God has proven that He can and will provide for His children. Especially the ones that are orphaned. We flew on His wings through all the appointments with the girls….passports, birth certificates, visas, and now the tickets. We have the tickets booked for the 19th of this month, which is this coming Sunday. Thanks to my mom and Mrs. Bigelow we are almost sure we will all be flying together. The best way I can think of to end the trip that Christie and I have been on these past months together…

Thank-you for your prayers and support. I know that my “family” extends to each and every one of you and I thank God for that. I look forward to seeing you all soon….it’s hard to even believe that soon means only a week.

Love you all,



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