Jason Parmerlee (Australia)

G’day from the Sunburned Country!

The land isn’t the only thing that’s sunburned! It is amazingly hot here as February is the hottest month of the year! It has been so fun to see the Lord work over the last 4 weeks! Four weeks, it’s unreal to think it has already been that long! God has given me a good time of transition into the Aussie way of life over the past few weeks. We began youth group two weeks ago. The first night we had 8 students and had a great time getting to know one another and seeking to find
out what the students desired from their time in youth group this year. Last week we had some different students in the group and began our new study on discipleship training and what it is to be a disciple! The majority of the students are young in their faith and I am so excited to dig into God’s Word and see what He is looking for in followers of Him!

I have yet to be disowned by the Matthews as I wait for the house I have been offered to from a family in our church. The current renters are remodeling their “new” house and are running into unexpected delays! I am very eager to actually get to unpack my three monsterous bags and know where everything is and I’m sure Josh Matthews is looking forward to me getting out of his bedroom! They have been SO encouraging and refreshing to be with! They are doing a great job here and have heaps of cool ministry opportunities!

Please pray for me as I begin teaching my Scripture classes this Wednesday! I will be teaching six classes each Wednesday and Thursday. One class will contain 44 kindies! I’m so eager to get in and begin sharing the Truth with these kids who need to know Him, not merely know about Him!

I pray for Saylorville’s continued ministry in Saylorville and around this world!

Cheerio Mates,
jason parmerlee


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