Kristi Walker (Berlin, Germany)

Well, tomorrow is another departure day. As some of you know, I’ve been in the States for the last few weeks doing some recruiting for EBM on college campuses as well as presenting at churches. It may be that I start coming home every winter for a few weeks instead of every other year for 10-12. We’ll see…

This particular trip went very well. I was everywhere from Scranton to Sandusky to Cedarville to Chicago to Moody Bible Institute to Purdue University to Toledo and back to Clarks Summit. The highlights for me were definitely getting to see friends and family. I got to spend quality time with my family over Christmas, including two whole weeks with my niece, Lana. J What a cutie! She’s going on 9 months. Travis & Kaci (her parents) are bringing their youth group over to Berlin this July to help out with our English-speaking Day Camp. By that time, Lana will be 14-months-old and walking!

I also got to see so many friends that have spent time with us in Berlin (several youth pastors and students that were part of the World Cup outreach; many short-termers and interns now back at Cedarville, Purdue & BBC; my teammate, Brittany Good at Moody; and several pastors, BBC faculty members and EBMers that were instrumental in getting me to the field. I thank God for the friendship and partnership of all of these people! It’s hard leaving them all behind to go back, not sure when I’ll see them again – definitely one of the hardest parts of being a missionary!

I am returning to an exciting spring and summer in Berlin. Here are some upcoming things to keep in your prayers:

Feb. 14-19 EBM Germany Field Council Meetings

Feb. 24 – March 3 Friends and fellow BBC Alumni, Matt & Alicia DeWever visiting

March 31 – April 5 Friend, Trisha (Rudolph) Amos visiting

April 20-30 My parents visiting!

April 28 Mom speaking at our ladies’ retreat

June 13 or 14 Dyes leaving for furlough

June 15 Marty Dittmar & family arriving for a month of ministry

Moody student, Ashleigh Burdick, arriving for a 6-week internship

June 16 “CSI: Berlin” (final youth event/outreach for the spring)

July 2-7 English youth ministry in Poland

July 13 Teams arriving from Harbour Shores Church in Noblesville, IN &

Northeastern Baptist in Kalamazoo, MI

July 16-20 English-speaking Day Camp (led by Harbour Shores)

July 18-21 ESDC Teen Camp (led by Northeastern Baptist)

These are a few of the things that will be keeping me busy over the next 5-6 months, on top of the normal ministry activities a part of CrossWay Church. I’d greatly appreciate your prayers as I fly back tomorrow and dive back into life and ministry in Berlin. Again, I’m leaving with bittersweet emotions – excited to be going back and sad to be leaving people I love.

I have chosen Galatians 1:24 as my focus verse for 2007. It says simply, “And they glorified God because of me.” This is my heart’s desire and prayer as I leave the States and return to the field. I want so much for the people I’m leaving behind to glorify God because of the ministry I’ve had while I’ve been home. I’m also crying out to God for those I’m returning to in Berlin. Please pray that my life brings God the glory He deserves! Thank you. For those of you who have encouraged me, loved me, and ministered to me while I was home – God bless you. I love you.



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