I started my previous e-mail with a different verse before the computers blacked out and I had to start again…I think this one is more appropriate in this situation. I am sorry that this will have to be brief, I had so much else written, but please get a hold of my parents for more details.

I want to start out again with a big “thank you.” We don’t take your prayers for granted and I know that they are covering us. We made it out to Dixiville (Daniel Hoover’s Orphanage) this last Monday. It’s been a change is so many ways, but actually it hasn’t been as “bad” as people were telling us it would be. Maybe we got so many horror stories in our heads that we were pleasantly surprised. 🙂 The orphans are precious. I wish I could describe each one of them to
you, but I’m still learning all of their names and personalities as well. Kids never change no matter what country your in. Christie and I had our very first medical client yesterday. That was an experience, one that I wish that I could go more in detail with.

The school system at the orphanage is almost none existant. Liberian’s have been struggling just to survive and live for the past 15 years that trying to get a school running is hard. They don’t have enough teachers and all the kids do is sit with a book in their lap in mass confusion. Christie and I are assigned K-1st. There are about 80 kids in a room no bigger that my dining room at home. School is out now till March, but prayer that we’ll find a way to take small groups of the kids and get them started on a more 1 on 1 basis.

Christie and I are leaving Sunday for ACFI’s annual conference which is 3 hours away. It should be a good time to praise the Lord, worship and get some spiritual food. Pray for direction in our lives.

Linda, I keep thinking of you when I see the kids. I would love to bring some home. The need is so huge. Each of them are so precious and individual. We’ve been jamming on our guitars and singing with them everyday. They are all fantastic singers and have so many talents.

I got a touch of fever earlier on this week. Thank you for the prayers for my health. I just dosed up on my pills (i joke that i’m a walking pharmacy) and after a good nights sleep I felt completely
normal. God is good.

I killed my first spider this week!! Ok, i had to say that first while you all still had the image of a spider as big as a plate. Did it work? Really, it was only the size of a quarter…..doesn’t sound
too impressive, does it?

Again, wish this could be longer, and wish I could go into more detail.

Hope to update you all soon.

Much love,
Rachel (or “lorpu” my liberian name.)


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