Update on Ian

We got the results of Ian’s MRI today. It confirmed that all 3 areas are enlarged due to excess fluid because the brain is not absorbing enough CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) . This fluid provides nutrition to the brain. When the build up (which puts pressure on the brain and the head causing distention of the head) is minimal, as Ian’s is, it can resolve on it’s own by age 2. However, no one can say for sure whether it will do that. Also, a front portion of the “curtain” that separates the left and right hemispheres of the brain (corpus callosum) is missing. From what they could see, all of Ian’s brain tissue and nerves are in tact (praise the Lord!!) and no masses were present. So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for praying; but please continue doing so for Ian’s well being and our wisdom.

At this juncture we must decide where to go for a second opinion since we are not totally at peace waiting 2 years to see if this resolves (allowing for grave possibilities such as hemorrhage/aneurism/brain damage etc. in the meantime) unless that is the only option. Also, we would like clearer answers about the ramifications of the corpus callosum not being in tact. I am familiar with hydrocephalus because the daughter of family friends in VA had it from birth and lived to age 15 however we know that God has an individual plan for each of us and want to take steps out of surety of His leading and not fear. The Lord’s goodness never changes though circumstances often do. We know He will guide. Thank you in advance for praying that He chooses to do so very soon.

Psalm 34:8

Rachel (for all 3)


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